Friday, December 31, 2010

Cleaner... Healthier... More Accountable...

Almost everyone has a New Years resolution.

How about some follow through?

My resolution is to live a cleaner, healthier, less polluted life.   I want to eat better, be more active, and pollute the world less.   I will cut back on my waste, my inefficiency, and my bias.   I will refrain from polluting the world with my garbage, my unkind thoughts, and my wasteful actions.   I will also try to get people I know to join me in making the world a better place.   Does it sound cliche?   Sure.   Is it something we've all heard before?   Absolutely.   Would it be awesome if everyone could do just a little bit to improve themselves, their friends/family, the world around them?   You know it.   I've decided to start a place online where people can share information on living life with less chemicals, less waste, more health, and more happiness.   If you have anything to contribute, let me know!

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